Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Why does it take me ages to finally pick an option? Why is the decision postponed to the last possible moment? Why is there a need for endless deliberation to decide inconsequential things? Why after so much deliberation does my decision not seem right?

I have to come out of this cycle. I have to stop analysing things over and over again. I have to stop looking at all possible angles. I wish I could see just black and white and not the multi-coloured multi dimensional model that I see when I have to decide. I want to be sure for once in my life.


Perspective Inc. said...

While just plain black or white make it easy and simple, its the shades of grey that really add "perspective"!
Cheesy I know, but true!

Ravi said...

#perspective inc.
You are right. The shades of grey really add perspective. (I cant believe I am repeating this. :D)Anyway my point was that I would for at least this once prefer there was no perspective. I am sick of the information overload.

Ekta said...

oh god!!
not u too!!
u seem exactly like me..i just cant take decisions quickly..feel the need to mull over and analyse all aspects of the decision 10 times before I can take a decision!!

earth said...

decision often seem right when we take it...its only after a long term..after tasting iys consequences..we smtime think if this is what we wanted out of that decision!!!! and thats what make us ponder over it again n again....

but noboy knows what future holds!!!!

Ravi said...

I guess we are quite similar. Dont you just hate it when even the minutest of decisions occupy so much of our thinking time?

noboy knows what future holds?
and girls do?


sorry. I know its a typo, couldnt resist.

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SANTOSH said...

I know you and never thought that you give so much time and consider pros and cons to decide things.I always wondered for the way you seem to take things so easily. But now I know that it is not so.Anyway.
I like the way you write. You have very clear thinking and your expressions are very appropriate.The selections of words are simple but wonderful. Keep it up.

Ravi said...


You have no idea how much this means to me. Thanks a million times!