Friday, June 24, 2005

Mumbai Monsoon

Rains in Mumbai are relentless. If it rains, there is an incessant shower of water for days. Back home in Vizag, it rains but not continuously for so long. The most frustrating thing here is that all this water has nowhere to go. So it stays on the roads. Now in Mumbai the roads are generally good but the Mumbai Corporation has this strange facination of digging up every road which they find is full of traffic, to create further congestion. The reason given generally - flyover construction. So the roads are nicely dug up, open & vulnerable by the time of the rainy season. The rains then attack & convert these dug up roads into muddy wastelands.

There have been some developments due to which I will not be updating for the next week.

I'm off to a company sponsored training in Lonavala. It is a hill station located between Mumbai & Pune. Though it is a beautiful place, the monsoon is not the time to be visiting that place. The place experiences heavy rainfall at this time. Thank god the place in which we will be staying looks comfortable- Avion Hotel, Lonavala.

I intend to get as much as possible from this training. haa... as if MBA was not enough. On a serious note, it is good that we are having this trip. Staying in Mumbai, the long tiring journey from home to office & back home in these rains is very frustrating. I waste 3 to 4 hrs of my day in travelling. Hope the Lonavala trip will bring some respite & save me from one week of the Mumbai monsoon.

Monday, June 20, 2005

There's no beginning......There'll be no end........

So I started my own blog. I guess my first posting has to justify why I intend to blog. There should be a purpose behind it. I started this blog because I cannot talk. …OK I can talk but not about things which I will be expressing here. The truth is that my lifestyle nowadays is such that I rarely get an opportunity to interact with people on a personal basis. However on the net I have a whole community to share my thoughts with. Added to this is the fact that I have a poor long-term memory. I don’t remember things that happened in school, & I remember some faint details of my engineering college days. So I feel I need to keep a record of my thoughts so that five years from now I can read my blog & reflect on my life………wow…I have suddenly become so serious.

Now that I have started blogging, there is more serious/boring stuff coming your way. Future posts will include- More about myself, Purpose of religion, Cars I love, What is Love, Movie reviews, Sex, Romance, Drama, Action, Suspense – all the elements that are required to make a blog a super hit. OK – I was just kidding. I got carried away a bit there. The truth is that I have not made any plans of my future posts. Am not even sure I will be able to continue posting. There is a rough plan though. Let us see how things turn out.